ICC Working Group

The Danish Institute for Human Rights works with other Human Rights Institutions on the subject of business and human rights...
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UN Global Compact Self-Assessment

Test your company's performance on all 10 Global Compact principles - now in a new and updated format ...
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Country Guide

The first step toward preventing negative human rights impacts in business operations is a practical, realistic mapping of human rights conditions...
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Human Rights Compliance Assessment

The Human Rights Compliance Assessment tool can help companies evaluate their respect for human rights...
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Business and Human Rights - A Guidebook for National Human Rights Institutions

Published by the ICC and DIHR in November 2013, the Guidebook includes diverse examples of how NHRIs can engage on business and human rights issues.

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The Human Rights and Business Department is a business-focused team of human rights specialists. We maintain the institutional backing of a leading National Human Rights Institution, the Danish Institute for Human Rights, and a network of more than 100 human rights organizations around the world.

The Danish Institute for Human Rights is a national human rights institution. All proceeds of our work go directly to research and related activities aimed at promoting and strengthening human rights worldwide.

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The HRCA is a comprehensive tool for businesses to assess their human rights risk and performance.

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